Statutory Intervention - Foster Care


Foster care is the daily care and parental responsibility awarded to one or more persons concerning a child/ren for a temporary period of time in order to assist and support parental restoration and re-unification where possible. Two types of foster care exist, i.e. professional foster care and related or what is more commonly referred to as kinship foster care.


Related foster care

The majority of the children currently receiving services from our organisation fall in the category of children in need of care and placed in related (family) foster care with one or more of their extended family members e.g. an aunt, grandparent or older sibling. Orphans often find themselves living in desperate circumstances of poverty. They are dependant on extended family members to attempt to provide in their daily needs although they are more often than not, engulfed in poverty themselves. Over the past few years there has been growing concern at the death rate of extended family members, aunts, caregivers and siblings passing away and subsequently the core family unit of support is depleted. The result has been already vulnerable children being transferred from one caregiver to another - experiencing multiple loss of loved ones and caregivers.