Centenary Celebrations

Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare has spent 99 years serving the community of Germiston and Greater Germiston. In 2012 the organisation celebrates 100 years of service – only the 3rd Child and Family Care organisation to achieve this milestone in South Africa!

Who are we? Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare is a Non-Profit organisation (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

What do we do? Our core business is child protection which ranges from dealing with child abuse, neglect and abandonment to the prevention of abuse and family support services. We also focus on the development of volunteers and the community through community development initiatives aimed at protecting and assisting our children and families.

Who do we assist? Our services focus on orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 0 – 18 years. Currently more than 3 500 children benefit directly from our services in the community.

Where do we render services? Our area of service rendering is the Greater Germiston Municipal area which includes Katlehong and we service this area in collaboration with working agreements between us and the Department of Health and Social Development and other NGO's.

What is happening? Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare will be celebrating its 100th year of existence in 2012 and celebrations will be held throughout the year commencing in January and concluding in December 2012. Events will have a twofold aim: 1) celebrating along with the children and communities we serve and assist and 2) creating awareness of the role we play in the community and raising funds.

What will the funds be used for? We want to establish a fully fledged office facility in Katlehong – taking our service to the community and improving our accessibility to those who need it the most……

How can you help? By supporting the events being hosted throughout the year - either by donations / sponsorship or your participation. By devoting your time, skills and knowledge towards creating future sustainability.

How will you benefit? Your contribution will be acknowledged throughout the year, in the media, through free publicity where possible and with the establishment of our office in Katlehong all contributors will be acknowledged on the premises – by means of a wall of acknowledgement. Your support creates awareness and goodwill, showing people you care about the community and our children. An 18A Tax Certificate, which is a tax benefit as a Tax Rebate, will be issued to you. Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare is a non-profit organisation and your corporate image will be enhanced when your clients and prospective clients are aware that you are supporting a cause. Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare then becomes your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project.

What do we need to successfully celebrate this milestone achievement?

  1. Partnerships in organising and implementing events planned e.g. media partners for advertising purposes, printing partners for event publicity material, tickets, banners, calendars etc.
  2. Sponsorship of prizes for events such as our Fun Run, Art competition and Spinathon;
  3. Financial commitment and sponsorship towards events e.g. Donkey Derby and Gala evening;
  4. Personal participation and extended support of the events;
  5. Donations; and
  6. Word of mouth advertising and support on our social network facilities encouraging as many corporate, individuals and groups to support our cause.

A Committee has been established to manage the centenary celebrations and as Committee members they are authorised by the organisation to approach and request support and assistance in this regard. The Committee members are:

  1. Mr. Praga Naina - Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee
  2. Mrs. Katrien Bouwer
  3. Mrs. Margie Maffeis
  4. Ms. Nisha Moodley
  5. Mrs. Marie de Lange
  6. Mrs. Barbara Bouwer

Should you require any further information about our organisation or the centenary events being planned please feel free to contact us

  1. Letter Explanation 2012
  2. Letter – Participation 2012
  3. Letter - Partners 2012