Fundraising Campaigns And Sponsorship

As a Not-for-Profit, Non-Government organization we are totally dependant upon the support and commitment of our fundraising campaigns and sponsors.

We are required to fundraise monthly shortfalls through campaigns such as our Annual Golf Day, specific requests to companies e.g. where repairs are needed when assets are vandalized, or when general office maintenance requires assistance.

We are registered as a Public Benefit Organisation allowing for exemption from donations tax and tax deduction benefits to companies and individuals who donate to the organization.

We have a jumble sale once a month at the offices where we generate additional income from goods donated which we are unable to use or distribute to beneficiaries.

We would like to thank all persons supporting our paper and glass recycling projects.  A word to thanks to all our anonymous donors as well.

Occasionally we require knowledgeable or specifically skilled people to guide and advice us on activities we want to embark upon. Thank you to those who have assisted us in this manner, saving much needed funds.